Monday, January 28, 2013

What is Windows Application

Windows and Asp are the two applications that can be developed from dot net frame work. Windows application helps us to create various applications that works in our desktop , remotely we can connect them but they are stored in our system as a windows application.

Windows Application:

As far as windows o.s is used by people the windows applications will be developed they have a strong future.

*Windows o.s will be majorly used by people world there is no need to worry about the future of windows application .

*Windows applications are developed in "Visual Studio"

*Create New windows application.helps to create new windows application , We can create windows application in various languages such as Visual Basic , C# . These languages are also used to create active server page(ASP).

**This is just an overview about windows application in Dot Net which helps you to get an idea about dot net windows application theoretically.**

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