Friday, April 19, 2013

Setup and Deployment of Windows Application with SQL Server Database 2005 using Visual Studio 2008

Its very simple to create Deployment in visual Studio 2005 using sql as your back end . Now I will Explain you the step by step procedure you have to do in order to create the deployment and will clarify your doubts as well.

Step 1:Build Your solution.(Better Clean old solution and rebuild solution)

Step 2:After The solution is been built for your project with your project name Consider your project name as "DNS Project". So you will get a "DNS Project" As solution located right side top of solution explorer.

Step 3:Once the Solution is created as you expect. Right click on the solution Click "Add" --> Click "New Project".

Step 4:Now a window will be open in that you will be seeing "Visual Basic , Visual C# , Visual C++ ...." In that Select "Other project Types". In that You will See "Setup And Deployment" Select That.

Step 5:Select "Setup Project" and give name for your setup.

Step 6:Now You will see "Application Folder , User Desktop , User Programs Menu" In this select "Application Folder" Right click on it select "Add" in that select "Project Output" in that "Primary Output" .

Step 7:All resources and Dll files will be added now. You will right side box bottom "primary output" Select that right click and select "create Shortcut" Now drag the shortcut file created just now to left side panel "User's Desktop".

Step 8:Now The setup is ready you can see it in solution explorer bottom. Right click on it select "Build" Or "Rebuild". If there is any error with resources or Dll files it will show fix it and the setup will be ready.

Soon the screen shot  will be pasted .

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